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Explore the current opportunities and follow any upcoming activity in your local area.

  • Discover

    Find points of interest while in your home town or traveling abroad.

  • Update

    Get notified whenever the event you're following is going to start.

  • Experience

    Attend to make first impressions and lasting memories.


Notify existing members of private meetings or invite new like-minded individuals to your public events.

  • Organize

    Manage your group as needed for a stable, productive environment.

  • Schedule

    Arrange your current and upcoming events and notify all participants.

  • Achieve

    Follow-through with your arrangments and enjoy the outcome.

Involve U App Screenshot
Involve U App Screenshot


Market your promotions directly to consumers in the area surrounding your business.

  • Promote

    Advertise promotions directly to those that matter; members of the local community.

  • Monitor

    Track promotion analytics and observe the user interaction they generate.

  • Profit

    Take advantage of the growing consumer interest and build long-term customer relationships.

Get Started

Whether you are an individual, organization, or business, Involve U is the platform for broadcasting and discovering content in your local area. Download the app now and get involved!

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